Textbook & InQuizitive

Created by Tomi Triyana from the Noun Project

Complete Digital Textbook Readings and InQuizitive

Our textbook is the 2nd Edition of Interactive Psychology: People in Perspective by Gross, Schmader, Hard, & Anderson. This is an interactive e-book with figures that come to life and built-in quizzing to help you check your understanding and learn concepts more deeply.  

Please make sure to purchase the CORRECT textbook, which is only sold through the publisher or the Duke bookstore. This book is meant to be an interactive e-book and physical copies are only sold as an "add on" to the text to make sure you experience the book as it was intended (including with interactive questions that usually inspire questions on our actual exams). Please be aware that any other physical or .pdf copies you may find from other sources are illegal and likely to be the wrong edition of the text.

Please reach out if textbook affordability is a major obstacle for you in this class.

Learn about each of the following below:

How can I access the textbook?

You can set up access to the textbook through the course Canvas page. The total cost of the E-book and InQuizitive platform are $56.95 (you do NOT need the version with ZAPS).  When you go to open the book from Canvas, you can either click the button to enter a registration code (which you can get if you purchase the book through the Duke Bookstore or more cheaply through the W.W. Norton website), OR click the button to purchase access (which should take you to W.W. Norton’s website to get that registration code). There is also a free trial version if you are still deciding about the class. 

What are InQuizitive quizzes?

It is important to us that you get a feel for all that Psychology has to offer, but there is only so much content that can be covered during lecture time. Although your textbook will overlap a lot with content covered in lecture, there is some interesting and important content in the textbook that we don’t have time to cover in class. To help you master this material on your own, each chapter includes InQuizitive quizzes that will allow you to test your understanding of the material. This will help you both learn the material and be more prepared for exams. We encourage you to complete the InQuizitive quizzes soon after completing the readings. The deadlines for InQuizitive quizzes are listed on the course calendar but are nearly always Wednesdays at 11:59pm Eastern Time.

Please access InQuizitive through the course Canvas page to make sure that your scores are recorded to the gradebook for our course. You will always see a green check mark that says "Connected to LMS" when you are connected to our course.

We know that "life happens" - you might forget a quiz one week or need to focus on something else. To accommodate for such situations, we will drop the lowest InQuizitive score, which means you can drop one quiz without penalty. Otherwise, deadlines are strictly enforced and require official "excused absence" documentation for extensions. See "Missed Work" for details. 

How am I graded on the quizzes?

Each InQuizitive quiz has a target “score” that must be met before the quiz is considered “complete.” However, once complete, you will be awarded 100% for the quiz. InQuizitive quizzes are worth 20% of your section grade and an easy way to boost your grade, prepare for exams, and stay on track with your reading assignments. 

When are readings and quizzes due?

To find your weekly reading assignments and quiz deadlines, navigate to the weekly lessons from the home page of the course Canvas website. Students may complete textbook readings either before or after the corresponding lecture-- do what works best for you! The due dates for quizzes are typically Wednesdays at 11:59pm Eastern Time unless otherwise noted. Deadlines are strictly enforced and can only be extended for major illness and emergency (requiring a STINF or dean’s excuse). Whatever score students have earned by the deadline is the score that will be recorded.

Am I required to complete the interactive figures and check-your-understanding questions in the text?

We do not formally track whether you read each chapter of the book, so that means whether you complete the reading, interactive figures, and check-your-understanding questions does not affect your grade. However, you are responsible for material that is covered in the text and will need to do the reading to answer the weekly quizzes. Additionally, we always recommend that students pay close attention to bolded key terms, interactive figures, and check-your-understanding questions, as we typically tie textbook-related exam questions to these.