The Costanzo Teaching Fellowship

The Costanzo Teaching Fellowship is a unique, year-long opportunity for rising juniors and seniors to develop leadership skills as part of the teaching team for Introductory Psychology (PSY 101). The Costanzo Teaching Fellows are paid and receive substantial training, including enrollment in a 1-credit Psychology Teaching Seminar (PSY 601S, which counts toward the Psychology major and minor) during the fall term.

Applications for the 2024-25 Academic Year are due March 8th, 2024

Top Row (from left): Alex Rodriguez, Alissa Rivero, Allison Falls, Sofia Silvosa, Bella Liu, Brooke Sevchik, Carter Vanderloo, Claire Wang, Dav King

Middle Row (from left): Elise Gutierrez, Eliza Heaton, Emily Sandberg, Gigi Dunn, Jessica Stevens, Jessica Zhong, Lauren Lloyd, Paige Sevchik, Sarah Williams

Bottom Row (from left): Justine Shih (course coordinator), Christina Yu (course coordinator), Margaret Maples (course coordinator), 

Dr. Emma Grisham (instructor)

Costanzo Teaching Fellows learn to:

The Costanzo Teaching Fellowship Teaching Cycle





Frequently Asked Questions

What would my paid responsibilities be?

Costanzo Teaching Fellows (TFs) are paid for 10-15 hours of teaching responsibilities per week, on average. Work fluctuates from week to week with more hours during heavy grading weeks and in in the Fall semester. Paid teaching responsibilities include:

What kind of training would I receive?

How do TFs know what to teach in discussion section?

The course instructor designates particular topics to be covered in discussion sections each week. The Psych 101 teaching team has a Wiki that contains numerous teaching resources, including sample lesson plans for each week, activities, video clips, discussion questions, and articles on teaching. TFs receive a lot of resources but have flexibility to tailor lesson plans to their strengths and students’ needs.

What are you looking for in a Teaching Fellow?

Applicants with the following characteristics are preferred:

Ready to Apply? Applications are due Friday March 8th, at midnight.