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How should I approach the textbook?

You can complete textbook readings either before or after the corresponding lecture, and we recommend you try both to see what works better for you. Some students report that doing the reading BEFORE lecture makes lecture easier to understand and follow. Others say that listening to lecture first helps them to get through the textbook reading more easily.

Research in our class suggests that taking detailed notes on the textbook is not associated with doing better on exams, so we encourage you to take notes if you find it helpful, but focus primarily on writing down the main concepts and bolded key terms. Always pay attention to the interactive figures (which try to help you with more complex concepts) and the check-your-understanding questions at the end of each study unit. 

When it comes time to study the textbook for exams, we recommend starting with the chapter summaries to remind yourself of what was covered in each chapter.  Take some time to look for both overlapping content (do you remember it from studying your lecture notes?) and non-overlapping content. Dig into the non-overlapping content. Make sure to understand bolded terms, the content covered in interactive figures, and check-your-understanding questions at the end of each study unit, as these highlight more important concepts. Content that doesn't fall into one of these categories is fun and interesting to learn, but is unlikely to show up in an exam question.

How should I study for exams?

How do I decide who to meet with?

If you want to meet with a member of the teaching team during office hours, use this tool (COMING SOON) to figure out the best person to talk to. 

What support resources does Duke offer?


*For situations that are NOT emergencies but feel more urgent, we recommend walking in rather than calling to make an appointment

Who do I talk to with more questions?

Talk to/email your Costanzo Teaching Fellow (TF) with questions about missing discussion section, R&W Project, study tips

For questions about the research participation requirement or the system used for it (SONA)

For all other questions including those about enrollment, section assignment, absences, accommodations, and general concerns

Dr. Grisham oversees all aspects of the course and enjoys getting to know students better