Created by Gianne G from the Noun Project
Created by Gianne G from the Noun Project

Attend In-Person Lectures

Lectures are designed to be an engaging and interactive experience that will complement but also go beyond what is in the textbook. You are expected to learn material that overlaps with the text as well as material that doesn’t. In addition to lectures by Professor Grisham, faculty with specific areas of expertise will join the course. Attendance for the full class period is expected. If you cannot consistently arrive by 11:45 and stay until 1:00, we ask that you drop the course. 

Learn about each of the following below:

Are lectures required?

Lecture is not required, but because lectures are such an important part of your learning experience, we are offering an incentive to attend lecture regularly. 

Students who attend consistently, missing no more than three lectures for unexcused reasons, will be permitted to treat their final cumulative exam as optional and only their best three exams will count toward their final grade. This means that they can either 1) not take the cumulative multiple choice final, or 2) take the cumulative multiple choice final and drop a lower midterm exam grade. 

Learn more about what to do if you need to be absent from lecture.

How do I make sure my attendance is recorded?

We will take attendance in this class using the Acadly app. Download the Acadly app to your phone and join our class using the invitation you’ve been emailed (look for the email the first week of class). At the start of each class, make sure your Acadly app is on and running and that your Bluetooth is enabled. Attendance will be taken via Acadly at a randomly determined time in each class, beginning on the second day. Students who arrive late or leave early must accept the risk that their attendance may not be counted. Having problems with Acadly or want to know more? Check out Acadly's Student Guide. 

If you are present in class but your attendance is not recorded due to technological error, you are responsible for making sure your attendance is recorded by seeing Dr. Grisham or the teaching coordinators after class OR by taking a selfie in the classroom and emailing it to psy101@duke.edu as soon as possible. Errors in attendance must be corrected within 48 hours of the missed class. Students are expected to report errors in attendance honestly, in accordance with Duke’s Community Standard.

We will also use Acadly for occasional in-class polls and practice questions to help you prepare for exams. See section on Missed Work for more details on attendance, including the policy for excused absences. 

What happens if lecture can’t be held for some reason?

In the event that in-person lecture cannot be held (e.g., Dr. Grisham get sick, change in Duke policy) we will offer an interactive online lecture using the PlayPosit tool that you can view to earn attendance. 

I want to make sure to take good notes during lecture, do you provide lecture slides in advance?

For each lecture listed on our Canvas webpage, you will find a downloadable outline in advance of the lecture. Lecture slides are available after lecture because posting them before would give away many of the surprises we often have in store!