How is my grade earned?

This course will be graded on a 100-point scale using standard cutoffs for letter grades (A, B, C, D, F with +/-). Exams and assignments are not graded on a curve. This course may be taken on an S/U basis. Students taking the course for S/U must earn at least a 70.00 or above overall to earn an “S” in the class. According to Duke Trinity policy, students may apply up to four voluntary S/U courses toward graduation and Trinity Requirements. The Psychology & Neuroscience department permits one voluntary S/U course to count toward the major or minor in Psychology, including this course. Students must elect to take the course S/U no later than the withdrawal deadline.

Course grades will be determined using an Absolute Grading Scale:

A+ 98.00-100%

A 93.00-97.99%

A- 90.00-92.99%

B+ 87.00-89.99%

B 83.00-86.99%

B- 80.00-82.99%

C+ 77.00-79.99%

C 73.00-76.99%

C- 70.00-72.99%

D+ 67.00-69.99%

D 63.00-66.99%

D- 60.00-62.99%